Aan de skyline van Amsterdam direct achter het Centraal Station verrijst BOLD. Bijna 80 meter hoog, onderscheidend, gemaakt met lef, voor mensen die durven. Een gebouw met karakter. Markant door zijn krachtige hightech uitstraling. BOLD zet de toon voor de toekomst door het visueel-esthetisch gebruik van zonnepanelen. Deze duurzame woontoren zit bovendien vol technische snufjes voor optimaal woongenot.

Er zijn nog 2 luxe penthouses beschikbaar. De penthouses zijn volledig oplevergereed! Penthouse 2 en penthouse 3 hebben oppervlaktes van 415 én 359 m2. Wil je het grootste penthouse van Amsterdam? Kies dan voor de optie om penthouse 2 én 3 samen te voegen tot een gigantisch penthouse van 774 m2 met een weergaloos uitzicht! Heb je interesse in één van deze penthouses? Neem dan contact op met één van de makelaars en kom de penthouses bewonderen!


The stunning location, luxurious amenities and extremely generously sized rooms at a spectacular height make the ultra-modern Sky Villas at BOLD some of the very finest properties on the Amsterdam market.

The construction is complete and BOLD is ready for delivery!

Discover bold

Come home daily to a pioneering, innovative apartment block

Designed by leading architect Chris Zwiers (Architect Partner at OZ)

BOLD is setting the standard for the future of sustainable living

Living at a height of 75 metres

No less than 359 m2 or 415 m2 of living space, split across two levels

Fabulous lighting thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows

Enjoy the fantastic view over the IJ and Amsterdam city centre

Decorate your dream home to your own taste and live the way you want

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Skyvilla AMS
waterfront Park avenue

Come home every day to this stunning penthouse at a height of 75 metres, with vast living space covering some 415 m2, split across the top two levels of BOLD...

  • Floor: 23 + 24
  • Living area: 415 m2
  • Outdoor space: 48 m2
  • Status: ready for delivery
  • Price: € 3.500.000
  • excl. leasehold and parking spots
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Skyvilla AMS
Harbour Sunset

If you listen carefully, you'll hear a far-off ship’s horn on the IJ. Amsterdam’s harbour is slowly waking up after a long summer’s night. You turn over again for a little longer...

  • Floor: 23 + 24
  • Living area: 359 m2
  • Outdoor space: 47 m2
  • Status: ready for delivery
  • Price: € 3.050.000
  • excl. leasehold and parking spots
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Do you dream of an unparalleled 360 degree view from a unique location in Amsterdam? In the largest penthouse in Amsterdam you can enjoy luxurious living rooms and a spacious kitchen with separate dining room on a daily basis. In addition, this house has several bedrooms and bathrooms for you and your guests, a private gym and several spacious terraces with different views.

View all specifications via 'View this penthouse', download the floor plans or register to stay informed.

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Rising up over the Overhoeks area of Amsterdam-Noord is BOLD. This pioneering, innovative apartment block is 25 floors high and has a total of 158 apartments and penthouses. All of the apartments have been sold. There are only two penthouses remaining, construction is complete and BOLD is ready for delivery!

At a height of almost 75 metres, the skyline of Amsterdam forms the backdrop for the four exclusive Sky Villas in BOLD Amsterdam. Between 188 and 453 square metres of pure luxury, located on the highest floors of this striking high-rise on the IJ. Look out at the stars in the sky and the twinkling lights of the city from your master bedroom or the terrace. Enjoy the peace and quiet in your spacious living room with a stunning view, or instead you can decide to take the ferry and walk into the city centre. With the stunning location, luxurious amenities and extremely generously sized rooms at such a height, the ultra-modern Sky Villas at BOLD are some of the very finest properties on the Amsterdam market.

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Living in the
heart of amsterdam

The modern north banks of the IJ are currently undergoing a spectacular transformation. Here, the new residential heart of Amsterdam is being shaped by a tasteful combination of high-rise blocks along the quays and the lower residential buildings behind them.

BOLD’s location in Overhoeks on the IJ is opposite Amsterdam Central Station, directly behind the A’dam Tower and the EYE Film Museum. It is destined to become, and in many ways already is, the best location in the North of Amsterdam. The fourth-trendiest neighbourhood in the world, according to the New York Times, surpassed only by Williamsburg in New York, Florentin in Tel Aviv and Vesterbro in Copenhagen.

There are numerous hotspots to be found in Amsterdam-Noord. Take, for example, the A’dam Tower with all it has to offer, or the aforementioned futuristic EYE Film Museum, which draws some 220,000 visitors every year. NDSM werf, a former shipyard that is used frequently as a location for creative and cultural events, is another popular highlight. Furthermore, you have the epicentre of electronic dance music and the many popular places to eat and drink such as Café Stork, Hangar, Pllek, Loetje aan ‘t IJ, De Soepboer, De Tolhuistuin, Café Modern, The Coffee Virus, De Ceuvel, the Landmarkt restaurant and market, Kebec, Hotel Goudfazant, Restaurant Stroop, the ‘Boeren Markt’, ‘Pekmarkt’, ‘FC Hyena’ markets or the Blom & Blom shop. View the amenities on a map here. The ferry across to Amsterdam Central Station is within walking distance, so the centre of Amsterdam is extremely easy to access, and with excellent roads traversing the area, the ring road is quick to get to as well.


Here you can view stunning, sun-drenched 360-degree photos of BOLD's location. These pictures were taken from a fair height and present a picture of life at BOLD by day and by night.

*No rights may be derived from these 360-degree pictures. The images do not show the most up-to-date state of development in the area. After the BOLD properties have been completed, the view will be different from these images, as future high-rise construction continues.


BOLD is a unique residential location with international allure that has all the modern conveniences, luxurious amenities and technical comfort you could wish for. A building to be proud of. A building for innovative, enterprising people who want to relax at home with the city bustle at their feet. Undisturbed enjoyment of the Amsterdam life down below combined with the knowledge that the beautiful high-tech exterior façade is supplying you with energy in a sustainable way.

We believe that those living in BOLD Amsterdam should be able to enjoy a personalised service experience. Nothing should be lacking in an international top-class living experience like this. BOLD Amsterdam has, amongst other things, its own wine cellar, gym, sauna, cinema, guest rooms and additional spaces for get-togethers and storage.

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A list of all the extras

  • Park directly underneath the building, most Sky Villas have their own garage box (often with additional storage space)
  • Six numbered bicycle storage spaces in a shared bicycle shed
  • Professional gym
  • Wellness centre and sauna
  • Cinema and multifunctional party room
  • Guest rooms
  • Managed and temperature-controlled wine cellar
  • Handy parcel service using the Bringme system

High-tech and sustainable

  • Equipped with home automation
  • Optional programmable lighting atmospheres and scenes
  • Luxury videophone
  • Automatic door locks in communal areas
  • Optional control of access doors, lighting, curtains and sunscreens
  • Motion detectors linked to lighting in your storage space / technical room, cloakroom and toilet
  • Fibre optic internet connection
  • Maximum climate experience thanks to underfloor heating and cooling
  • Solar panels individually connected to each home
  • Power windows on south-west and south-east façades; charge your phone or tablet using solar energy generated by the windows


+James is an initiative of The James Company and is part of MVGM, BOLD’s Owners’ Association manager. We all have a different idea of home; everyone is unique and has their own housing preferences and reasons for moving between houses. Our lives are often busy and our days fully planned. Then it feels good to be home, a place where you can live, work and relax. A place where you can get away from it all. +James is an online platform that provides services in and around your home so that you have more time for the good things that life has to offer.



Lower energy bills as well as lower mortgage interest

At BOLD, you will enjoy the many benefits of sustainable construction. Living here, you will have lower monthly costs. This is because the homes at BOLD are built with EPC -0.19, which entitles our buyers to take out a Sustainability Mortgage, with excellent interest rate discounts.

Several banks offer buyers strong mortgage benefits when buying an energy-neutral home. One of the best examples of a Sustainability Mortgage with fantastic conditions is the Climate Plus Mortgage from Triodos, which you can take out through VORM Sales & Finance.

Would you like to know the basic interest rate on the Climate Plus Mortgage? If so, please contact VORM Sales & Finance on 0186 - 816 777 and ask for Daniëlle, Marco or Miriam.

Greater comfort, lower price

The climate system in your home combines components that all together supply heating, cooling, ventilation, tap water and sustainable electricity. This is achieved using solar panels, heat pumps and heat recovery units. Your new home is all-electric, so you save costs on a gas connection. For you as a resident, this offers huge benefits: greater comfort at a lower price.

Ready for the future in BOLD

In BOLD, you are not just at the forefront of Amsterdam’s metropolitan development but you also enjoy a sustainable lifestyle at an altitude and technical innovations and services that increase your living comfort. That means you can live comfortably and worry-free and enjoy everything that your new residential environment has to offer.

The energy-efficient climate system in the homes in BOLD guarantees a good interior climate and enhanced living comfort thanks to the possibility of underfloor heating and cooling. At the same time, the beautiful architectural design with its fully integrated solar panels gives the building a unique high-tech appearance.


Why do things the hard way? With its many technical gadgets and innovations, BOLD makes life so much easier for all its residents. Such as the automatic control of your curtains (optional), lighting, awnings (optional) and operating your locks using your smartphone. No worries about unnecessarily high energy bills, thanks to the possibility to remotely control various functions in the home. Parcels are delivered via the luxuriously finished Bringme Box system. As a resident, all of these concerns are taken out of your hands thanks to the building’s technical amenities. In short: BOLD is the ideal butler for its residents.


Discounted interest, lower monthly costs, a higher lending capacity, low advisory charges and better mortgage conditions. A Sustainability Mortgage does all this. Buyers (and potential buyers) of a home in BOLD can benefit from the expertise and capabilities of Mortgage Specialists at VORM Sales & Finance, VORM’s sales division. The homes at BOLD are built sustainably, which entitles our buyers to take out a Sustainability Mortgage.

Several banks offer buyers strong mortgage benefits when buying an energy-efficient home. One of the best benefits of a Sustainability Mortgage with fantastic conditions is the Climate Plus Mortgage from Triodos, which you can take out through VORM Sales & Finance. Would you like information about the Sustainability Mortgage? If so, please contact VORM Sales & Finance on 0186 - 816 777 and ask for Daniëlle, Marco or Miriam.

Go for the perfect purchasing experience! VORM Sales & Finance is VORM’s sales division. Day in, day out, 24/7, the Mortgage Specialists at VORM Sales & Finance help our buyers with financial advice. This is their sole purpose. We call them ‘dedicated consultants’. Our Mortgage Specialists possess all the requisite specific knowledge not only about new-build mortgages but also about our new construction projects. That makes the entire mortgage process pleasant, personal and professional. We advise you to speak to VORM Sales & Finance, because we don’t want the commercial mortgage world to give you incomplete or incorrect information that negatively affects your purchasing experience. A mortgage for a newly-built home is a very different story, so you will need to talk to a specialist.

The homes are built sustainably, which entitles our buyers to take out a Sustainability Mortgage. VORM Sales & Finance’s Mortgage Specialists help you get the most out of the benefits that you enjoy as a home buyer.

A selection of these benefits:

  • Extra mortgage interest discount because you are buying a low-energy home
  • Additional work (kitchen, bathroom, floors, etc.) can be fully financed
  • Solutions for double monthly expenses during construction
  • Higher mortgage sum possible because you are buying a low-energy home
  • Excellent bridging options for buyers who already own a home
  • Would you like even lower monthly expenses? Under certain conditions, a partly mortgage is possible
  • Interest free mortgage
  • Consultancy and brokerage costs for your mortgage amount to just € 975

At VORM Sales & Finance, you are more than just a mortgage customer. You’re our buyer. We often find that buyers in the regular mortgage market are only quoted one monthly expense for their mortgage request. But there is never only one single answer.

Our Mortgage Specialists take plenty of time to explain to you the various ways you could consider a mortgage. More or less capital accumulation, who are you, how do you want to live and what monthly expense best suits stage in life? A mortgage can be a philosophy for life. For example, you can choose (obviously within a certain range) your monthly expense, in consultation with your Mortgage Specialist.

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions in your life. Consideration, calmly looking for the best mortgage solution and straightforward discussion with your own Mortgage Specialist. These are core values at VORM Sales & Finance.

VORM Sales & Finance is an independent intermediary for mortgages, specifically aimed at new-build projects. VORM Sales & Finance works in accordance with Best Buy methodology. They always look for the mortgage that offers the best value for money for your personal situation. As part of this, you can benefit from the sustainable options of mortgage providers that you don’t tend to come across so readily in the commercial mortgage world.

VORM Sales & Finance can source your mortgage from a large number of reputable banks within the Netherlands and abroad. Some of the established suppliers to VORM Sales & Finance include Triodos Bank, Vista Hypotheken, ABN AMRO, BLG, NIBC, Aegon and Nationale Nederlanden.

Despite the fact that the total consultancy and brokerage costs for a new-build mortgage through VORM Sales & Finance are only € 975 (all in), you will still receive the complete service from a professional Mortgage Specialist.

Throughout the duration of your mortgage - often some 30 years - you have a contact to ask any questions concerning your mortgage. VORM Sales & Finance does not charge extra for this, such as a subscription or anything similar to that. You’re our buyer, therefore you can always count on us.

Of course, it would be wise to examine your individual options together with your VORM Sales & Finance Mortgage Specialist at your earliest convenience. What are your housing needs, which extras and upgrades would you like, and what will your monthly expenses then be? That is important information that you will want to have before you start the definitive purchase process.

You are always welcome to come to our office, but you can also phone us to arrange a meeting, of course. Introductory meetings with VORM Sales & Finance are free and without obligation.

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